(( laughs her hair is invisible ))


I can’t draw starfire’s hair at all I’m sorry))

Well I guess I should have seen this coming huh….

Since valentines day was awhile ago I’d just assume you’d want to hear what actually happened…sorry if it’s so fucking disapointing

(( well i’m done with all of Meti’s questions so you can go back to sending Ama stuff now??? idk ))


(I took the homestuck title test as him and this is what he got ahaha)

But to answer your question, Page of Space.

And then a few more times after that but I think you get the gist.

I think you’re thinking about Ama, guys don’t have girly things like that on their bed!

What? did you think i’d actually brush my hair just because i’m a girl?! Fuck no! My hair is already a pain to brush why would I brush this shit if it’s twice as long and fluffy?!

I don’t think my look would change that much if I were a girl, I would have the same personality ya know

And I’m dead fucking serious bitch ouo

(( because a mlp:fim shirt so says serious right

also I don’t know if you can see it but his eyes are a little red on the edges because laughs he was crying because of the ask he doesn’t want to lose her oops))